Brand Personality Video & attracting your ideal client

Communicating your brand personality well is a must in order to attract your ideal clients. Your brand’s personality is best communicated through video, then photos and imagery (like graphics, fonts, colors, and textures), and through your copy. Studies show that you have about 30 seconds to capture someone’s attention who lands on your website.

Here are 3 tips to capture your ideal client’s attention through clearly communicating your brand’s personality.

  1. Showcase video towards the top of each landing page on your website.
    • People make a decision within 10 seconds of meeting someone new if they like & trust them. Consider your intro video like your first smile, handshake, or hug to someone new. Maybe you aren’t the main “face” of your business’ brand. This still applies to your business! Make sure the video accurately represents your brand and who it is for. Your ideal clients or customers will be attracted and others who are not will be repelled. Both outcomes are good because the most foundational goal in business is to serve the people you’re called to serve through the solutions you have for them in your services or products.
  2. Have consistent branding throughout your website, social media, & email: video, photos, imagery, & copy.
    • Make sure your visual and language branding is consistent. Is your brand personality sweet and gentle? Then dominant-type language in your copy would not be a great fit. Is your brand’s aesthetic bright and happy? Then using stock photos or fonts that communicate more of a moody and dark aesthetic would confuse your viewers.
    • Bonus Tip: Have a file or brand board that you can always refer back to if you’re in the early stages of communicating and growing your brand. Have a list of keywords that you use in your copy that will attract and serve your ideal clients & customers.
  3. Have Call to Actions on your website & applicable social media posts that align with your brand personality language.
    • This is an extension of the last point. If your brand personality is more sweet and gentle then having very forceful language in your calls to action probably won’t fit you well. I broke this point out because there are a lot of lists out there of grab & go CTA’s that not everyone should use. Be authentic to your brand personality & you’ll succeed!
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