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Creative Branding Portraits for a Westminster local family run business…

Meet my friends Casey and Sonia Davis with Life Transformation 360! They’re my next door neighbors at my studio and amazing health and wellness coaches. Their mission is to educate people how to get healthy at the cellular level while nurturing the whole person: mind, body, & spirit.

I’ve sat in on some of their classes and listened to their hearts behind their business. This team of people are passionate about you becoming healthy and whole. Whether you’re local to Westminster, Maryland or not reach out to them to see if they can help you towards your health and wellness goals!

Business Portraits_LT360_Jenna Shriver Photography_0001.jpg
Business Portraits_LT360_Jenna Shriver Photography_0002.jpg
Business Portraits_LT360_Jenna Shriver Photography_0003.jpg

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