DREAM: The case for California is being heard

I had a dream early in the morning on 7.17.2020.

In the dream, I was in a courtroom. The case for California was being heard. The audience was full of Californians. They were the audience, but they were also the jury, but not the judge. When asked or questioned about the governor lifting the rule to not sing in church they responded in unison and like a chant, “No he’s never going do that” It was eerie and sounded like an echo. It was as if they were brainwashed. I was standing at the front and I said “they’re chanting” and then shouted at them, “WAKE UP!”. Danny Silk (who is a Pastor) was the lawyer pleading the case for California. He was at a table in the middle towards the front near me but didn’t say anything. It was like the audience/the Californians had the ability and the power to make or influence the decision for California. 

When I woke up I wrote down the dream and began asking God for the meaning and what to do with it. I felt strongly I needed to share it because it is insight into what is going on Spiritually for California right now given the Governor’s most recent mandates. I also reached out to my trusted friend, Kimberly Woods, to share this dream so I could receive counsel and confirmation. She confirmed I needed to share it and helped to provide the translation of the dream. 

Here is what we feel God is showing me.

Californians need to change what they are agreeing with their words. The Californians in my dream weren’t saying whether the Governor was right or wrong in his decisions. They were agreeing with their words that he would never change it. It’s interesting that the day after I had this dream I saw that the California Governor had not only banned singing and “chanting” in churches but had also banned in-home fellowship meetings. And in the dream, the Californians were “chanting” “No he’s never going to do that” about the Governor changing the mandate.

The Church needs to recognize the power that She holds in her words and her voice.

There is a portion of The Church of California that is just being an echo of the world instead of a melodious and life-giving voice of Jesus declaring God’s will in the earth. (Remember Jesus taught us to pray “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Matt. 6:10) 

I felt Danny Silk represented Pastors who are trying to represent and lead their churches in California. But, it isn’t the Pastors’ job to fight this themselves, it is the whole Church’s job to wake up and start partnering your words and your worship with Heaven instead of current earthly circumstances. What you say and what you sing matters and it is being weighed in the Spiritual.

California’s case is being heard and I pray and declare that She will shake off the echo of the world and break into Heavenly song! The Church has already been given the Victory through Jesus so She will be victorious!

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DREAM: the case for California is being heard. #JennaWrites

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