I'm a writer, mentor, and photographer since 2007. I'm also a wife & grateful mom of three.

Helping female entrepreneurs grow their business & brand through photography, video, and website strategy.


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Improve your current website, strategize for growth, or plan & strategize to build from the ground up. You can be in any stage of business.

What's included:

- One pre-call questionnaire to determine your needs and goals
- One website audit OR one social media account audit for the purpose of planning your website
- One 60 minute video conference
- A customized action plan after your call.

Inquire for more information. Payment plans available.

Additional follow up video calls (90 minutes each) w/ action plan are available to add on.

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Identify your greatest needs and goals. I will provide you with support to determine action steps to execute your goals for growing your business. You can be in any stage of business.

What’s included:

- One pre-call questionnaire to determine your needs and goals 
- one 90 minute video conference
- a customized action plan after your call.
 - For a limited time including a complimentary website audit.

Inquire for more information. 

Additional follow up video calls (90 minutes each) w/ action plan are available to add on.

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The resource hub for Christian female entrepreneurs.

Oh freebird fly's online monthly memberships are all about stewarding and sustaining growth for your life, business and ministry through spiritual foundations and entrepreneurial essentials. 

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Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed with how to move forward? Do you need fresh eyes and a Kingdom perspective to bring creative ideas, strategies, and solutions to your obstacles? 


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Are you currently experiencing ineffective areas in your business causing you to question what strategy is right for your business? I’m eager to share my gift of strategy with you for building and growing your business.

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You may be feeling like there is a lot of business advice out there, but what business practices are truly Kingdom by honoring God and others? We will explore these things, and more, as we seek the Holy Spirit and Scripture together for your business and those you are called to serve.

Biblical kingdom leadership in business

Equipping, empowering, and encouraging women to see their dreams realized.

The online membership community is designed to equip you with the resources needed to start and grow your Kingdom business or ministry and connect you with a healthy mentoring style community of empowering women.

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Stacy, Stacy Bowen Floral Design  (Baltimore, MD)

I can personally testify to what an incredible mentor you are, Jenna! The insight and advice you have given me during our mentoring sessions have changed the course of my business and helped me to start to regain a healthy balance between owning a business and being present with my family! You are helping me to realize the goals and dreams I have for this business and making me realize they can come to fruition! The mentoring sessions with you have been invaluable and I can’t recommend your services to others enough! I am so excited to see how you will help other women to realize and follow their dreams! ... Thank you for everything you have done to help me! You are a true blessing in my life!


Simi, Uche Photography (Austin, TX)

Even before our first call Jenna had my trust and I was able to share ideas with her without any fears... I really do appreciate Jenna's dependence on the Lord to mentor through praying and really listening as we talk for things that the Lord might be telling her for me. Another one of the things that I appreciate about Jenna as a mentor is her focus on helping me hone the vision for my call... She is careful to encourage me to seek the Lord and depend on Him not on her. I appreciate her keeping the session focused on the topic at hand and organizing the session materials together and that she lets me have time in between to get me in the mindset to accomplish the goals before we meet again.



- Sahmra, Sincere Touch Photography (Pennsylvania)

Jenna has a heart of gold when it comes to pouring in to the lives of others. Having several years experience as a photographer and small business owner as well as being a servant leader, Jenna is able to offer solid leadership to Christian women in business through a godly perspective. You will walk away feeling hopeful, empowered, and ready to move forward in your God-given gifts and talents... Jenna is a great leader who knows how to serve her clients well.


- Bethanne, Bethanne Runyan Photography (Virginia)

It has been such a blessing getting to know Jenna and being mentored by her. Before I met Jenna, I was at a loss in my photography business and didn't even know where to go, confused by all of the advice out there. Jenna helped me to focus in; asking good questions, and listening to my fears, challenges, and goals. She provided guidance and direction based on her invaluable experience. Not only did Jenna pour out her wisdom, but she did so with truth and grace, centered on God. Jenna genuinely desires to see me succeed and has been so helpful doing just that!


I did a mentoring session with Jenna when I was just switching over to IPS (In Person Sales). I’m so glad I did! Jenna introduced me to the process and showed me her samples. From the moment I walked into her gorgeous studio, I felt welcomed and at home, like I could ask her anything. Jenna took a beautiful headshot of me that matched my new branding. We sat down on her couch, muffins and coffee in hand, and got to work. I so appreciated her kindness, her expertise, and her openness. I felt prepared and confident—even excited—to switch my business model to IPS. Since mentoring with Jenna, I have an average sale of $1400!

Ruthie, Ruthie Skillman Photography (Maryland)


Jenna was absolutely wonderful to work with! She gave me detailed feedback on my website with practical fixes that I could easily apply. She is a wealth of resources with recommendations for everything I had questions on in terms of outside products and outsourcing. She was super encouraging while also giving tangible steps for me to take to improve my business. Jenna was both kind and motivating - everything you could ask for in a mentor!


Kaitlin, Kait Bailey Photography (Maryland)



We accept cash, check, or credit cards. A retainer is required at booking to secure your spot with full payment made prior to the date of your appointment. We can create custom payment plans to suit your needs.




Inquire to schedule a free call with me to share your needs & ask me questions before committing. Some call this a discovery call. The last thing I want is for you to invest your resources in the wrong place or at the wrong time so you can expect a non-salesy conversation to determine if I'm the right fit to help you right now.




Let me know to the best of your ability about your business needs. We can set up a free short phone call to discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have, determine if we are the right fit, and plan your mentoring consultation.




If you do not receive a confirmation email that your message was received please contact me directly at hello@jenna-shriver.com



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