Simplify Your Service Based Business with Honeybook

If you are a serviced based business owner desiring to simplify and streamline your business I may have the answer for you!

Has this past year left you feeling like you need a secretary? Are you feeling overwhelmed with your workflow and with reminding your clients when payments are due? Would your business benefit from custom branded automatic emails sent to your inquiries and clients? Do you desire to house everything for your client’s job all in one convenient location?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then read on!

I’ve been a HoneyBook member since August of 2015. I eagerly joined when I was photographing weddings and portraits while juggling being a wife and mom of a 2.5 year old and a newborn. My business life was way more complicated than it needed to be between email and snail mail of contracts and payments, paper records, and no easily duplicatable system from client to client. I knew that I needed to simplify and streamline my business. HoneyBook quickly became my business sidekick! It’s no exaggeration that I was able to save at least 1/4 if not 1/3 of my time because so many of my systems became automated. My investment in HoneyBook has more than paid for itself in the time that it gave me back to spend with my boys, my husband, and taking care of myself (this is SO important, friends!).

Now that I’m transitioning in business, my HoneyBook is transitioning with me. I’m still providing photography services for other entrepreneurs and leaders, but I’m also adding in one-on-one mentoring services. Since the business basics are still the same HoneyBook is able to serve my clients and I by simplifying and streamlining our inquiry, booking, and service process together.

Simple is the name of the game in the future of business.

People are overworked, busy, and bombarded with information. We desire solutions to simplify every area of life and business.

Time is our most precious, non-renewable resource.

What is the price you would put on getting back 1/4 to 1/3 of your time each week, month, and year? What would you pay for those extra hours with your loved ones and to spend doing the things you love to do? Think of your clients’ time as well; HoneyBook will save them time in e-signing, easy online payments, and all of your documents and communication kept in one convenient location.

Right now HoneyBook is priced at $40/month or $400/year ($34/month) but with my discount code you can get 50% off your first year!

Want 50% off?!

This is an affiliate link where you can receive 50% off a year of Honeybook and I also receive a commission for your membership. If you have questions about HoneyBook feel free to email me at hello@jenna-shriver.com.

Simplify your serviced based business with HoneyBook by Jenna Shriver

Simplify your serviced based business with HoneyBook by Jenna Shriver

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