What is business mentoring?

So what is business mentoring? I remember when I first hired my business coach a few years ago I didn’t really understand what the role was, though I knew she would add value to my business and life. My uncertainty was mostly due to the fact that I was naive to the world of business coaching. I want you to be certain of the value I’ll be adding to you as well as be certain you know exactly what to expect from business mentoring.

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What business mentoring is and isn’t:

  • Business mentoring is not a coffee date with a girlfriend; though I do aim to make our time together just as fun, warm, and trusting.
  • It isn’t a spiritual mentorship; though I will partner with God and his Word to give you direction, leadership, and strategies throughout the mentorship.
  • It isn’t business coaching; though I will use some coaching methods to help you make your own decisions, come to your own conclusions, and have your own ‘ah-ha’ moments.

A mentorship is defined as “the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution.” (Source: google dictionary).

What is business mentoring? Jenna Shriver

There are a few practical differences between a business mentor and a business coach:

  • Mentors draw from their own experiences when working with their clients; while coaches tend to refrain from doing so.
  • Mentors utilize a combination of coaching, teaching, and counseling; while coaches tend to not counsel or teach, but use guided questions or activities to help their clients arrive at their own conclusions and grow.
  • Mentors focus on helping their clients expand their capacity in various areas; while coaches tend to focus on helping their clients improve their performance in desired areas.


What does the relationship look like?

Mentors, Teachers, Counselors, and Coaches all develop relationships with their clients, but they are uniquely different types of relationships. My desire in mentoring is to establish a relationship that is both professional and personal. I can’t deny who I am in the professional space and I’m created to connect on a personal level with clients that I work with. While my highest goal is to help you grow during our time working together, I am also looking to grow with you because I know that all my clients have valuable things to add to my life and business as well. This is not a one-sided relationship, but rather a mutual partnership in the pursuit of growth. 

Through our video calls we will discuss your business vision and mission, goals, core values, dreams, the people you’re called to serve, your season of life, your unique combination of gifts, talents, resources, and more. If you aren’t currently clear on any of these we will work on them together. I also commit to continually lead you to the Truth in scripture and the presence of Holy Spirit to guide your steps and give you individual solutions for your business and life.


After working with me:

  • You will start or grow your business dream.
  • You will have clarity about who you’re meant to serve and how you’re meant to serve them.
  • You’ll replace the paralyzing overwhelm with peace by implementing organization, plans, and steps to reach your goals.
  • We will partner together to seek God’s solutions for your business and the people you’re called to serve.
  • You’ll grow in leadership skills necessary for running a business.
  • You’ll be equipped to lead both a healthy business and a healthy life.
  • You’ll partner with God to bring Heaven to earth for the people you’re called to serve.
  • You’ll be equipped and empowered for what’s next.


Mentors, coaches, teachers, and counselors are all valuable and necessary. It’s up to you to decide which role suits your goals, needs, and desires best.


You can find testimonials from my past mentees at my Mentoring page and scroll down to “Love Notes”. Arrow through to view them.

What is business mentoring? Jenna Shriver

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