The right time to invest in branding photography

How do I know when it’s the right time to invest in branding photography?

I tend to get this question from people who are in the dreaming and building stage of their business or idea OR who are in the early process of rebranding. They are working on finalizing the details for their amazing new business, book, podcast, product, etc. They see established businesses and brands with professional and consistent social media images and want to jump right in because they see the value in it. For those rebranding, they’re super excited about taking their business or brand to the next level.

If you’re asking the same question, I’ll give you a quick answer so you can get right back to building or rebranding for your awesome business or idea.

While there’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer, here are a few general points to check off to know that you’re ready to invest in branding photography, video, or custom styled stock photography:

  1. You’re clear on what your business product, service, and message are.
    • The purpose of branding photography & video is to capture your personality and visually convey your product, service, or message. So those things MUST be clear for you to see real results from your investment.
  2. You have or are close to finalizing your logo, brand colors, and website.
    • An important aspect of branding photography and video is capturing your brand’s personality. This includes your brand colors, textures, patterns, and the overall look and feel.
    • It’s also a HUGE bonus to have a website in the works so that you know what images or videos need to be created for which spots on your website. This helps us immensely in planning your shoot!
  3. You have a launch or re-launch date planned about 2 – 6 months out.
    • From the first inquiry email or call, we will need at least two months to schedule and plan your sessions. I tend to book about 2 – 3 months out right now.
    • If your launch date is much further out than 6 months, then it may be too premature to schedule and plan branding photography or video because so much in your business or brand vision may still develop during that time.

To wrap up, it’s the right time to invest in branding photography if you hit all three of these points or are very close to them. Feel free to reach out anytime though! I will be completely honest with you and let you know if I feel that you’d be better off waiting a few months and then checking back in with me. My ultimate goal isn’t to book a certain number of clients per month, it’s to make sure that I’m serving my clients well by giving them images and videos that will help them to connect with and serve their ideal clients and customers to grow their business or brand.

Learn more about our branding photography and video services.

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